Road tripping-part 2

Apologies for being delayed with this (Debbie!). I know that the best time to document anything is soon after it occurs, so I fear some details may be left out…but, we forge ahead anyway.

Day 3 commences. We left our friends, Kara and Nick, went to get our headlight fixed, and were on the road still at a reasonable time to take the “long way through the mountains.”

This is a Denver skyline shot when we went the wrong way after getting our headlight fixed. Oops.

Garden of the Gods was our first stop in the morning. It was super gorgeous. Jon’s captures of this destination are much better than mine, but there were a few things I could get better than him.

Such as…well, I just liked this one.

This next one, I wanted to give a little perspective with. Jon is 6’6″.

And I had a better zoom on my camera than Jon did, so I got a few bird shots that he couldn’t get as well.

Another perspective shot.

Then we drove for (what seemed like) hours and hours, but was really only about an additional 5 hours on a mostly two lane road in the mountains to a little college town. I had the opportunity to drive up Monarch mountain where the air was airplane thin, but beautiful.

We were pretty road-weary, so we stopped in a little log motel, walked to a fish taco dinner and decided to rest up until the next day when we would have to drive through the hardest part of our trip, down through a few more states and into the Grand Canyon.


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