As a wife, you come to learn things about your husband. Triggers? Ways that his mind works? …something like that.

Three nights ago, I decided to set off one of the triggers I know he has. Here’s a few things to know about Jon.

  1. He has worked at a job for a number of years to provide for us that he feels less-than-passionate about. Particularly over these last nearly 5 years with my grad school endeavors, he has really commited to this.
  2. Jon is a passionate person.
  3. Jon is bored.
  4. Jon will never complain and is probably even upset that I’ve put this much down somewhere.
  5. We are thankful for his job.
  6. Jon loves road trips almost more than he loves me.

Anyway, the other night, this conversation happened:

Kim: So, I have spring break in 4 weeks and we (insert money talk here)

Jon: ::gasps, grabs the laptop and runs upstairs::

So, Jon and Kim World Tour looks like it’s continuing. We’ve worn New Orleans out (that will never be true), we’re saving Seattle for when I graduate, we are well-acquainted with the East Coast.

So, where are we going?

Oh, just here. Super excited.